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Conflict for the
Benefit of Everyone



As a result of working with Anita, clients receive either a written settlement agreement, a verbal agreement on how to move forward, reparation of professional & personal relationships, instruction on effective communication, follow up support with agreements or all of the above

Workplace & Employment Mediation

Business owners are passionate about their work. The longer a conflict goes unaddressed, the more damage it does to the business, pushing everyone further from their dreams. Anita Motolinia tailors a conflict resolution program for each organization. Programs provide services to address employment issues and workplace conflict. Services include mediation, conflict coaching, and conflict resolution training.

Family-owned Business Mediation

Family-owned businesses face unique challenges. In addition to business concerns, Anita Motolinia considers sibling, parental, and spousal dynamics and helps clients repair damaged relationships. Anita tailors a conflict resolution program for each business. Services include mediation, conflict coaching, and conflict resolution training.

Divorce & Family Mediation

Anita Motolinia Mediation helps families discuss sensitive issues in a safe environment. Some clients are ready to start mediation to divorce, in which case Anita walks them through every step. Some want to work on the marriage in mediation and come to agreements to stay together. Others have post-divorce issue such as parenting time and child support changes. Anita's clients are guided through a proven process. This process allows people to resolve issues and acquire new communication skills that serve them in the future.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching provides people with time away from the other party to consider ideas. Anita works with clients individually before, during, or after a mediation session as needed. It also can be done instead of mediation. Sessions are scheduled in half-hour increments to focus on specific issues. Her clients gain insight and learn skills to resolve their conflict.


About Me

Based in Minneapolis, Anita Motolinia Mediation serves people throughout Minnesota and the United States. Anita is a conflict resolution professional solely dedicated to the practice of mediation. Her extensive mediation experience and training allow her to use a variety of techniques to fit all situations.

Anita Motolinia graduated from the University of Minnesota and received family conflict resolution training at Hamline University and civil conflict resolution training at Community Mediation Services. She is on the Minnesota Supreme Court roster of Qualified Neutrals under Rule 114. She serves on the United States Postal Service roster of mediators to resolve discrimination cases, serves as a special education mediator for the Minnesota Department of Education and is part of the Master Contract List of employment mediators for the State of Minnesota. Anita has been mediating workplace, business, and family disputes since 2007.



I referred a business owner to Anita for help when an issue with a colleague had implications too big to ignore. Anita helped the two strong personalities work through the issue, restore the business relationship to a workable level for them both, and prevent a more negative impact on others. Without Anita’s expertise, I’m not sure this would have happened. Anita’s expertise and her calm and caring approach are remarkable!


Business & Personal Assistant

Video and tele sessions available

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